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Top 10 - obroże dla psa

The collar is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a pet. It has many functions, so it should be properly adapted to the pet. Thanks to the collar, we can attach the dog to a leash, and also helps in training during a walk. The addressee is also attached to the collar, on which they are necessary about the guardian in case the pet is lost. There are many different dog collars available on the market. So how to choose the best model so that it fulfills its purpose well and at the same time provides the pet with comfort?

What should a dog's collar be like? It's worth getting to know the most popular models. Knowing their advantages and disadvantages, it will be much easier to choose a solid dog collar that will meet all the requirements. Let's take a look at the basic types of these accessories available for sale and check what material a dog collar is best to choose from.

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Dog Collars

Collar with a buckle for a dog

One of the most popular collars are those with a buckle fastening. They are available in various color and price variants. Some caregivers focus on more designer dog collars, which are not only a practical function, but also a decorative one. When choosing this type of collar, you need to check the quality and durability of the material and the clasp - models with a metal buckle are more solid, but also more expensive.

Buckle collars are very versatile accessories, but they are not recommended for quadrupeds who have a tendency to tug hard on a leash. In such cases, the clasp can quickly break, especially if it is made of plastic. In addition to this aspect, a correctly selected collar will serve dogs of all breeds and sizes for a long time.

collar with a buckle for a dog

Buckle collar for a dog

This is the second most popular model and, in the opinion of many owners, it is considered an elegant dog collar . All thanks to the material from which these accessories are usually made. Most often it is a leather collar for a dog or a collar covered with leather-like material. When choosing such a variant, it should be remembered that the material, although durable, deforms over time. Both the entire collar and the adjustment holes can stretch. As for the type of clasp itself, it is very durable.

Half-clamp collar for a dog

Are you wondering which collar for a sheepdog , husky or golden retriever to choose? In the case of vigorous and large breeds, we can use a half-clamp collar. It has the form of a belt worn over the head. When the dog starts to pull on the leash, the collar gently tightens, which automatically brakes the pet. However, this method is not always effective and some dogs do not experience compression discomfort.

Half-clamp collar for a dog

Chain collar for a dog

It is a half-clamp collar, which is used in more difficult cases, most often with very large and strong quadrupeds. When buying from a good source, we can be sure that it will be a solid collar that will not be damaged by the pressure of a pet, as in the case of a leather dog collar. However, it is worth taking into account the fact that it is not suitable for long-haired quadrupeds, as it can tear the coat and become tangled.

Collar for a dog

It works in a similar way to the half-clamp collar. The difference is significant, however, because when the dog pulls, the collar tightens more and more around his neck. If the pet makes the wrong move, the collar is worn incorrectly, or we use it in the wrong way, we can hurt the pet, e.g. damage the larynx.

Martingale collar for a dog

It is used by owners of breeds that have a wider neck than the head. The collar is to provide comfort for the animal, and at the same time to prevent it from slipping out of it by reducing the circumference to the set moment when the pet jerks. It can be used in medium and large breeds as well as short and long-haired breeds.

Dog bridle collar

This type of collar is worn over the dog's muzzle. Its operation resembles a horse's bridle, thanks to which we can control the dog's behavior and brake it in difficult cases. It is most often used with unruly animals that learn to walk properly on a leash. However, the bridle collar is not made for every pet and should only be used while training. The dog may feel uncomfortable in it.

Reflective dog collars

Caring for the safety of our pooch, it is worth thinking about such a solution. By putting on the collar during evening and night walks, we provide our pet with better visibility. In this way, we secure the pet and reduce the possibility of being hit if it breaks off the leash and runs onto the road. In addition, the reflective collar makes it easier to locate the pet after dark. These types of accessories are available in various colors and materials - you can often find these collars complete with a dog leash .

Reflective dog collars

Adaptation collars for dogs

As the name suggests, such a collar helps the dog to adapt to a new phenomenon or environment. It is especially useful in stressful situations and is used in shy and delicate pets. However, it is not a collar that has a leash attached to it. It is an accessory that will come in handy in stressful situations for the pet, such as: driving a car, visiting the vet, the absence of a caregiver, loud New Year's Eve fun or the appearance of another pet at home.

Dog anti-tick collars

A collar can have very different purposes. The anti-tick model protects our pet against various types of parasites. The availability of color variants of such accessories is very wide. Regardless of whether you choose a blue dog collar , gray or green, it is worth checking its composition and expiry date before buying. The effect of protection against ticks and fleas usually lasts about 6 months, and the price of the collar ranges from a dozen to even 150 zlotys. It all depends on its size, operating time or additional advantages, such as water resistance.

Dog collars

What training collar for a dog?

For training purposes, clamping collars, bridle collars or martingale collars are the best choice. Some people also use electric models, which, however, in many cases is negatively perceived in the pro-animal environment and improper use can be very harmful to our pet.

If you want to play sports with our pet, it is best to give up a collar and use a high-quality dog ​​harness . They will facilitate jogging or cycling together. There are many models of these accessories on the market, adapted to specific disciplines. The basic type of decent dog harness are the guard type. In various combinations, the walk-in harness is the least favorable, as it is not very comfortable for the dog and reduces the range of movement of the pet's paws. Additionally, they can rub the skin and cause a bad posture. It's good to know that harness is a great alternative for dogs with a collapsing trachea.

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